About Us

Comparix was created when I wanted to look online and find a local supplier, something that should be easy these days was virtually no different from using a directory service 20 years ago! I still needed to call or e-mail each supplier and wait for a response. You still need to make notes and remember who you have spoken to. There should be an easier way to find the information that I want. The next logical step is to create something to fill that gap. Then www.Comparix was created. What does any customer want when looking for a new supplier or service provider? The answer is simple enough. Accurate information and answers in the quickest and easiest way possible.

This is where Comparix is different to anything else available in the market. All of our registered companies have provided copies of their trade license. Proving that they are legally permitted to trade and protecting you from unlicensed operators. Comparix provides a wealth of information about each company so you can flick between pages and compare easily. Each company has reviews so you can look at how other customers have found the service and decide if they are right for you. We only remove bad words, not bad reviews. So you can trust that you are genuinely seeing all the reviews. Good or bad. You can chat directly to as many companies as you choose or you can just send one e-mail to all your selected companies. All this means the companies are working to win your business. You are not chasing them for answers. The user experience is so intuitive and easy to use you will soon be using Comparix whenever you look for a new local supplier. Another real benefit is you can easily find local independent companies in any area. Read the reviews and support independent business growth.

Comparix is a way to offer local advice and insight in unfamiliar territory. If you need a recommendation for something and don’t know who to ask. Ask Comparix. Read the reviews and talk to the company. All from the comfort of your home. Even better, talk to three or four companies at the same time. Who has the best service, price or understanding of your need? Making it easier than ever for you to have confidence in your choices. Comparix is like walking down a high street, with all the shops you need in one place. Where you can window shop and browse. Getting better information than would be available through regular directories.